Of the Vine (Self-Titled)

Of the Vine (Self-Titled)

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“It probably took us way longer to write this album than it should have. In fact, it did take too long. Countless hours were spent writing and re-writing songs until we got to a point where we all could agree that it felt it was falling into place. Some parts of this album were written on the back porch of a mountain house looking onto a valley, some in a living room in Norcross, GA. In the duration of composing this album there were bouts of hysterical laughter till we cried and moments of intense passive-aggressiveness. There were line-up changes. People moving away, people moving on. But all the experiences and emotions over the years of writing and recording are what ultimately gave us the songs in this album. 

So over four years after releasing our first EP, we are pleased to present you with our self-titled sophomore album: Of the Vine 

(And we promise we’ll try our best to never take this long again.)” 

Released on December, 17th 2010.